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My concern is to serve the idea of photography - as a medium - within the digital environment as an experimental art form in the particular way of a personal "language".

The works in this section, part of an ongoing project, present aspects of an intriguing, imaginary, or at least "disturbed" reality that converses with the irrational, the intuitive, or the subconscious.

As memory changes events, with the help and confidence to the random and the subconscious, these works reconstitute memories into a new reality that transcends them.

Through the elaboration and shaping of the composition of these images, experiences, feelings, moods or qualities are transcribed and opened to possibilities of worlds that, while they have not completely "lost" their references, seem mutated and strange at the same time.

I am interested in this dual function of the image: its contradiction to maintain established relations in forms, words or meanings and at the same time to deconstruct them, leading us to the wonderful swing between a "we are some others here" and a "we are ourselves in a multifaceted elsewhere".

My goal is to cause an emotional vibration in the viewer where its roots are nourished by the soil of the sensible and the conceivable inseparably.

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